Day 69. Found.

An associate and I spent all day at the beach. Ironically, we both spent this weekend in some serious allergy pain. He was in Washington, DC and I was here in Coastal Virginia, but we were both suffering the barometric pressure, allergies or both.

So we got away to the beach to take photos and recharge. That is clearly the Self-balance for today.


Behold, the self-balance of a day on an isolated beach…


I worked out for 50+ minutes. This, on top of the 3+ miles of beach we walked.


The beach was our work, doing some videography and photography.


Surfers don’t usually get paid to surf. But they surf because they love it and it calls out to them…

Umm, so yeah. Beach photographers don’t usually get paid to photograph. But they photograph because they love it and it calls out to them. 🙂

The material day went backwards. But the relaxation will send us forward in the long run.