Day 73. WOW.

Woke up this morning with a much better mood and feeling back to my old self again. Yesterday I was so out of sorts that I counted down the days wrong. 🙂

[Redacting again. I don’t like Debbie Downer fodder. If you caught it early, you caught it. If you didn’t…well…you get to see that my big redacting marker has swept across the page. And unlike the U.S. Department of State, I’m not charging you $75 per hour for me to use it. 🙂 ]

In my returned stability last night I did myself a huge favor and made a list of everything I need to do for my brands this weekend, to drive them forward. Did some of those things yesterday. But I still felt like a failure when I went to bed.

I do feel more hopeful about the world in general today, as well as my chances of having an honest person beside me.

Anyway…is what it is.


I’ll be back later to list my successes of the day. I’m so excited…going to get some great things done today and this weekend…



I had a gorgeous day of driving around with the convertible open, taking photos and just breathing the fresh air. It was 95 degrees, sunny and just as hot as it needs to be on a lovely Memorial Day weekend. It was fantastic!!

Below are some pics taken as I drove through traffic, of two nearby churches I had not photographed before. Check out those beautiful blue skies!!!!!


I worked out at the end of the day. I came in under the wire for timing, finishing at like 12:05am on Day 72. But what can you do? Had a lot going on today.


At the end of the day – Friday of Memorial Day weekend – I was assigned a ton of work due tomorrow morning. So I had to stop everything I was doing and hustle. I never know when it may be my last assigned work for the upcoming week. I got it done and went into Saturday more hopeful about the week ahead, than I was last weekend for the past week.

I also made a giant to-do list for my brands. Lord have mercy. The list is long. I want to scratch as many items off as completed, as possible before my meeting with my associate on Tuesday.

Progress all around.


Spent some, made some. It is what it is. But minor progress made. Very minor.