Day 74: Crystalline.

Top o’ the morning.

I have 74 days until trial and am tuning back into what matters most in my journey – me.

I’m redacting. [Swish of my marker.] I used to write EVERYTHING and leave it for public view. But then, I used to have 14,000 daily readers when I was doing that, so I felt obligated. Not any more. 😉

Onward and upward.


So I opened my morning devotional book to today’s page. It said:

Sometimes it feels as if life is out of control. Things happen so quickly that you cannot grab on anywhere. A familiar panic begins to grow in your stomach and color every moment of every day. Perhaps you are afraid no one is really in control. Perhaps it seems that the bad guys are winning.

– Carolyn Larsen

Then it said:

Do not be afraid of them; I have given them unto your hand,
Not one of them will be able to withstand you.

~ Joshua 10:8

Okay. Well. Ummmm…

So yeah. Coincidence? Maybe. But good timing, for sure.

Feeling calm today. Feeling quite secure in myself and my intuitions. Content. Great things are swirling around me, as long as I do not let the darkness others sometimes bring into my life actually into my life.


Coming later today…


My head is all over the place today and so was work. Accomplished some things here and there for my brands.


Let’s just write this week off…I let chaos in and so I guess feeling the effects of that is my own fault.