Day 78: Here I am.

Well, here I am at 2:15am on Monday morning, still working. I had actually closed the laptop and settled in for the night, but my obligation to this little blog pulled me back to the mouse and keyboard. What can you do?!?

I did enjoy cool sea breezes, sunshine and a lazy cat from afar today. I sat atop my bed working on the laptop while the fuzzy member of the household – Cookie Monster – got his nap on. It was a cute sight to behold, the very essence of bliss.


I am gnashing the hell out of my teeth in my sleep again. I’ve basically destroyed my bite guard bought through the dentist in mid-February. I am pushing forward on my front teeth now, like I’m trying to push them out of my mouth. If we take a cue from the last efforts to break teeth, I may succeed. They hurt every morning. I must be really subconsciously stressed to be doing this.

We need to get this shit over with.

Back to the self-balance of daily life…

Today’s motivational reading was about blessings. I am not short on awareness, there. I am blessed to just be here. It’s all “extra” from there.


I worked out for the minimum half hour…need to do more tomorrow. But I was feeling pain from Saturday’s workout. Sweet, sweet pain. Gotta love when it hurts so good. Progress.


Holy smokes, I put a day of work in today. Started in the morning and I’m still here working at now 216am. Got so much done, quite pleased. Need to keep up the trend. It can only be productive.


Spent nothing. Earned a little. At least it is forward momentum, even if microscopic.