Day 79: Outage.

My internet provider had an outage again today. It ran through early morning on Day 78. So now I have to backtrack and see if I can recall what I did on Day 79. I am more ready to get on with everything I did not finish yesterday…so am a wee bit annoyed. I will get over it, as I get some things done. Time is too limited now, to bend and buckle because of outside issues. I’m trying to live in my bubble and stay focused within the bubble. But sometimes the world outside does not cooperate.


I had a peaceful day of household work, the kind of stuff no one wants to do but must. I took an extended nap with the sea breezes coming in my window. All in all, I acted like my cat Cookie Monster. Just laid around pretending someone was going to come in and wait on me hand and foot.

I needed it, needed to rest away small stress episodes of this week.

I don’t even want to comment on today’s motivational reading. It is clear on its own:

He will rescue them from oppression and violence, for precious is their blood in his sight.

~ Psalm 72:12-14


I worked out as I should. I sort half-assed for 30 minutes, then put my heart into it for 22 minutes. At least I didn’t throw away the whole day to laziness.


See, in all of the above text I almost berate myself for being human and taking one day to clear my brain and rest. Still, I actually did write an article and send it off to the client in the morning. I never give myself enough credit. It would take some people all day to do that hour-long work, so I need to give myself actual credit. Plus, I cleaned a bit. So I did work.


Did not spend any money. Only earned a little. But the balance leaned toward the right direction today.

I had to struggle through a bit of technology ineptitude today and did so without yelling at anyone or being a jerk. I spent over an hour and a half on the phone with a tech support guy from the cable/internet provider. He knew less about his tech than I did, so it was frustrating to go through the session of, “Have you unplugged your modem and plugged it back in? Have you tried another power outlet? Have you pushed the reset button?” How did he get out of that 90 minutes unscathed??? It shows I am making progress in my ability to be uber patient. The PTSD is calming.

Of course, after he told me to wrap my equipment up and drive it to the service provider Monday because “it is a manufacturer’s problem,” I had to interject and tell him he needed more training. But I did so as politely as possible. I hung up the phone to call back and get through to someone more experienced at minute 90…

…but then I received a text telling me the outage was throughout my neighborhood.


Anyway, no one was bloodied, so this is progress, indeed. This time last year I would have had a head on a plate, feeding it to the cat.