Day 83: Kickback

Today was a migraine day. There was just too much going on around me, environmentally. The weather has been very unstable and the barometric pressure with it, I think someone was powerwashing or sandblasting the side of my building or one adjacent to it (the noise and dust, although I could not see)…my downstairs neighbor has visitors like clockwork every single night between 11pm and 130am (pre-Victorian windows do not shield me from their every word)…so I am without sleep and suffering environmental allergies to the extreme.

All of that said, I need to let things roll until Day 82. Aspirin doses, Tylenol doses…nothing is working. C’est la vie.


With a migraine today comes a renewal and burst of energy tomorrow. I always accomplish twice as much the day “after.” So it is okay to fall down for 24 hours.

Still, I read my morning devotion. It was about being humble and waiting for signs of which way to go in life. I’m there.