Day 85: It is a mother-effin’ day!

Just kidding. It could have been a mother-effin’ day. But at a certain age you see things coming before they hit you. 😉


Testing-1-2-3, testing 1-2-3. This is all a mother-effin’ test.

So be it. Test me. I am doing this “strategy” of #100Days because I need to be strong against the ugliness that will swirl in this fight and all that has led up to it. Today, I see my strength. It is paying off.

My devotional today is based on not being alone, despite appearances of things being that way. Let’s just say I can relate to this in some regard. Otherwise, I see people beside me. I feel loved.

All in all, it was a good day. The self-balance is kicking in. I’m enduring some little tests here and there, but coming out okay. I know what to let “in” to affect me and what needs to wait until the appropriate time.

There is some opportunistic stuff going on in my periphery. But I predicted it, knew it was coming and am ready to stand up to it. None of this is about anyone else but me, Fed and the other victims…unless you count the future of Wisconsin’s women. It is what it is and that is all it is. Anyone wanting to use it for something else can piggyback elsewhere, because I am strong enough to drop the dead weight where it needs to lie. Not to say that people are dead weight, but grandstanding on the coattails of the trial is dead weight. Not gonna happen.

So that is where we are in self-balance. I will update the rest of my day later…after a full day has passed. But – WOW – today shows me I am ready for a great life ahead.

If one considers their journey one of purpose, the purpose is clear to me. My lessons are clear. What I deserve is clear. What I must let go of for the time being is clear. Clarity. It is a beautiful thing.


I let disruptions to my work happen. It cannot continue. It will not. Period.


Same as for work…the lines are drawn and I will not bend so easily in the coming 84 days.


Spam email clutters my mind and distracts me so much, just in having to “delete.” So today I turned my email chime on, so I could unsubscribe as they come in, to reduce my daily distraction and – frankly – the junk in life that I do not need to waste my time on right now.

Sadly, buh bye Saks Fifth and Bloomingdale’s. You cannot ding me until this is all over. I will come back to you and I will not forget who you are. I just need a break…to focus on what matters…and I will find my way back soon. 🙂