Day 95: Ready to Go

Tomorrow morning is Escaping Fed’s first collegiate screening and Q&A. We are looking forward to the event, one that will undoubtedly help us shape future talks. But oh…the migraine I have been nursing all day! The two have nothing to do with each other, except that I need to shake the headache by morning. We’ll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, I am still fairly boring. I will go through the motions today, still in an early effort to “fake it ’til I make it.”


Wow. We have accomplished so much in the past 30 days, meaning the “we” of Roulez Media. Today I finished uploading and entering the specifics of over 3800 products into two of our stores, including Chez Roulez.

Chez Roulez had grown so well over the course of the uninterrupted year in which I started doing business, from 2016 into 2017. But then, Fed kept “showing up” where I lived and trying to disrupt my life. So things went back into chaos and I had to move again and again.

Living in hiding made it so difficult to provide a look and feel of integrity for customers, without phone numbers or direct contact information available. Now I look forward to doing things with more transparency, since I am no longer in hiding.

So, we are ready to relaunch and get back to biz. I am hopeful that within the next six months we will really start doing well. It all depends on how much marketing effort we put into it. It is a new day for Chez Roulez.

Our Escaping Fed legacy project, Hero Film Festival & Awards is up and running. We have our theater contracted and are accepting a steady flow of entries. That is very exciting, as the thread of “heroism” in each of the films certainly serves to inspire us forward even more! We are really proud of this project, in particular. It came out of nowhere and I quickly developed the website before pitching it to Nicholas Crawford, now the Co-Director of HFFA. I thought surely he would roll his eyes about it. Instead, he got really excited about it with me and now…here we go!

So work today went very well. Next week is the start of marketing all of our projects, instead of ramping up. We have been in re-vamping and ramping up mode for well over two months now. Time to put our money where our mouths are…hooray!


With the migraine, I am at mediocrity today. I’m still working at 12:25am, writing this to close out the night. But the headache is still there and kept me from working out. Tomorrow will be better.

I went to the salon today for a quick trim. That was nice. It felt a wee bit self-indulgent.

I spent some time talking to someone who has wanted me to talk. That’s an evasive statement, haha. But I am starting to get more social. The thing is that I do not need any life changes before trial. So I need to breach that subject with him and tell him that I need to focus on me for these 95 days. If it isn’t understandable, then it is what it is. I can only do what I can do. I believe all things happen naturally when they should. But men always seem to want to rush, rush, rush, rush me. It only serves to push me the other direction. Anyone who cannot understand what a big deal the trial is to me is not right for me anyway. So we shall see…


Ooooh…the migraine. I need to wrap things up. But again, it kept me from working out and I feel badly about that. But trying to push myself would have only made it worse, then I would miss tomorrow’s event.

I am going to get groceries tomorrow, as Fridays are typically my day off. So we will do the college screening and then I will figure out a new direction in my diet, to make me feel a bit better. I think my mood was low over the past weeks because I’ve been depriving myself of decent food. Time to make a change.

I need to step things up to two workouts per day. I’m not moving around enough, with the heavy-heavy-heavy computer-based workload. The only way I will get back to my old self is through more activity.


I spent no money today but the biz earned a little with the film fest entries. So we’re moving forward and I am not going backwards as a routine.

The headache is owning me, so I will close here. The Q&A should bring some interesting insights tomorrow…Day 94.