Day 98-1/2: Saving grace.

I am awake at 345am. I do not sleep anymore. It was a dark weekend. This trial is looming heavily. That heaviness is not because of the trial itself, but because I have to be in the same room with Satan himself.

I need to turn myself around. So I know what to do. I need to execute a plan, just like I did before I turned him in through his agency in Washington DC. I need to restart a pointed “strategy.”

The strategy goes like this: I commit myself to doing four clear things every day and then reflecting on them. Those four things include at least one each for work, self-balance, physical and material progress.


I start today, Day 98. I feel that if I do not, I may lose myself again in the darkness that he presents. So I must approach this through an organized, “executive” strategy.

I am lucky in life, in that I do not let myself fail. So I commit myself to this, to keep me balanced and productive on this journey of now 98 days…and hopefully to help me sleep.