Days 67 and 68. Redaction misaction.

Life would just be so easy if everyone would just RELAX. That includes me.

I’m realizing that the earlier “redaction” here helps no one. I get frustrated…use this space to vent a little. Then I delete it, as I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

But we all get to a point in life when we have to face up to our reality.

Still, me writing and writing and writing about what is going on in my life is not the point of this space. I need to stay focused on what happens in 67 days. 67 DAYS! Nine weeks and four days!!!!!!!!!!

I missed yesterday – writing here – due to ongoing allergy or barometric headaches. I’m seeing other people around here are suffering, too. So something is going on with the environment in this burst of spring-summer transition. So I won’t beat myself up about it. Rain is coming for the next three days, so that should calm it down for next week and I will be more thorough.

I’ll be back later to finish my daily journey…


I focused on clearing some closets a bit, so the doors will shut better. Haha! That felt good. All in all a quiet, peaceful day of introspection and forward movement.


I didn’t work out. Regret it. But have had headache after headache this week and only started feeling good at about 430pm. So took things kind of easy. Didn’t press my luck.


I am closed-captioning the film and need to finish that over the next three days. This is our last step. Will do some tonight. UGH.

I had client work available today but struggled to write about enhanced perioperative recovery. I just could not bring myself to do it. Tomorrow.


I think today is the day that I throw out an extra 100 shoes. Cannot decide. But feel I want to let go of the past to usher in a future. It is painful, nonetheless…as they are all unworn, brand new…

I’m considering the dresses I do not wear, the lingerie that gathers dust…

I need to start fresh and “fresh” is not from 2012 or 2013, before the s*** put upon me.

Update: I cleared out 58 summer shoes – 29 pair. That includes my hiking shoes – so no big cliffs for awhile. I kept Murder Night shoes, though. I couldn’t let go of them yet. Not yet.