Days 97 and 96: Oops. I hid.

I hid from writing here yesterday. Actually, I was really tired and needed a break from writing. I am working a minimum of 12 to 15 hours per day right now, so some days I just do not feel like writing for “myself.”

Let’s recap both Day 97 and Day 96 at once:


I’ve established I’m working too much. That is where any imbalance sets in. But I have five years of lost work to catch up on and businesses to rebuild after having to stop building those multiple times, at the offender’s whim. So let’s just say the work is getting done. No shortcomings there.


I am re-examining my diet and other aspects of my life to bring back better wellness, not that I really ever eat anything “fun.” I’m looking at ways to round out my diet better, as I’m being a bit too restrictive there. I think my spirit is weak because I’m not allowing myself enough variety and have just been sticking to what is easy and takes the least amount of time.

I am holding firm to muting people I’ve had in my life for a long time. There are certain exposures I no longer need in my life, when those prove inappropriate. I cannot allow myself to be confronted by others’ off-color sentiments, even though I used to write so freely. I am buttoning myself back up, for cleaner thoughts and less of the drama of past years. No longer being in “fight or flight,” it is time for calm and respectful reflections in my world. I need Zen and true kindness. That is all I will accept, things and people healthy for my body, mind and spirit.

I hit a few “mute” buttons today, on social media feeds. It was a huge relief and I feel no guilt for turning pages I needed to turn. New chapters ahead!


I worked out for 30 minutes each of these two days. I need to add more to the routine and hope to do so tomorrow or Friday. I’m not doing enough right now to get myself back to where I feel happiest in my skin.


Oh Lord. Have. Mercy. I chased down a fraudulent charge, a negligent postal worker who leaves packages where they are promptly stolen every time, utility companies and other payees. I rearranged which credit card pays for which monthly charges. In other words, just did that monthly stuff no one enjoys.

Tomorrow will prove more exciting, haha. A bang trim is in order, woo hoo! So exciting. Friday is a college speaking engagement, so that is something to look forward to as a new direction in this changed life I have been given.

I need to take photos tomorrow. I feel incomplete if I do not take at least a few…