Interactive Crime Timeline

Please note [from C.Kimberly Toms]:  Below are excerpts from the entirely deleted Act One of the film. We did not include any of these scenes in the final documentary, as Fed committed two more rapes as we wrapped production.

After those rapes, he was in police "custody" via GPS through the new court case. This made our focus shift from a film that would speak for me, should I disappear or "die," to one focusing on the hard crimes, State Department problems and police inaction.

You will only see these Act One excerpts here.

The timeline below is the timeline of my life in this Fed saga, as it affected me. I know it is not a complete picture of ALL of his crimes during this time period. But this is all I can present factually as a "victim witness." ~ CKT

***NOTE: Video of October 2014 is EXPLICIT. NSFW.***

  • Jun 2012

    Fed Rapes Victim

    Fed is alleged to have raped another victim sometime between June 2012 and July 2012.

  • Feb 13, 2013

    Fed Rapes Victim Again

    Fed is alleged to have raped the victim of June 2012 again on February 13, 2013.

  • Mar 30, 2013

    CKT Moved to Chicago Suburbs

    CKT Arrives in Downtown Chicago | C.Kimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

    CKT Arrives in Downtown Chicago | C.Kimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

  • May 4, 2013

    CKT Met Fed

    CKT met a man purporting to be "Jake in Real Estate" in a Libertyville, IL Mexican Restaurant. They stood at the bar awhile, then sat in this booth. She asked for "proof" of who he actually was. He drank vodka while showing her that he was wearing his sidearm. He told her, "This is happening," over and over while she repeated, "I do not need drama in my life."

    Mexican Restaurant where I met Fed | C.Kimberly Toms | Escaping Fed: A Documentary Film

  • May 4, 2013

    Fed Starts "Investigating" CKT

    As a tactic of terror and "blackmail," Fed starts digging into CKT's past to form a "case" against her. This is essentially an attempt to have something to hold over her, to keep her in his grasp. There were no crimes in her past.

    CKT in Highland Park | C.Kimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

  • May 4, 2013

    Fed Starts Geo-Tracking and Stalking CKT

  • May 8, 2013

    Fed Renders CKT "Homeless"

    Only five days into knowing Fed, CKT's life was already starting to fall apart at his hands.

    Fed continued calling and texting CKT with so much fervor that she warned him he was irritating her already testy roommate. At that point, he maliciously increased these activities and the frazzled, sleepless roommate asked her to leave. Essentially, this put her in a delicate and expensive situation in a region where she knew no one and had only lived for one month. 

  • May 8, 2013

    Fed Starts "Video Watching" CKT

    Fed places camera(s) in CKT's temporary living space and uses her laptop to watch her around-the-clock, without her knowledge or consent.

    THE blue dress:

    CKT in THE Blue Dress | C.Kimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

  • May 2013

    CKT Starts "Fleeing" Fed

    As stalking and ever-increasing threats and violence began at Fed's hands, CKT started looking for a new place to live. She was specifically seeking one in which to "disappear" from Fed, as he was threatening to "ruin your life," "get you fired," "get to your family" and "have you arrested."

  • Jun 2013

    Fed Sabotages CKT's Corporate Interview

    As CKT progresses through a series of pre-interviews for Motorola, Fed does all he can to derail this potential with threats, stalking and both real and simulated violent acts. He purposefully inflicts extreme distress.

    Ultimately, CKT gives up on trying to find a job to work and live in the Chicago area and resigns to her need to flee as far as possible. She decides to run to Texas.

  • Late June 2013

    CKT Calls 9-1-1

    CKT Calls 9-1-1 | C.Kimberly Toms | Escaping FedCKT called 9-1-1 against the special agent Fed for the first time, fearing for her safety. But she feared how police would handle the situation, even more. Who would you believe? The badge-holding special agent or the lady he claims is the "problem?" Amazingly, the Schaumburg, IL officers who responded to CKT's call were the only police who ever wanted to take action for her safety. The problem? No clear crime [that one can prove in court against a federal agent] had been committed...yet.

  • Jul 1, 2013

    CKT Arrives in Texas

    CKT's Drive to Texas to Escape Fed | C.Kimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

    CKT fled to Texas to escape Fed's growing harassment, terror, threats and rage. Her goal is to reorganize her life and start fresh without the stalking special agent on her heels.

  • July 2013

    Fed Admits "Mental Illness"

    To lure CKT back into his field of view, Fed launched a campaign to convince her he was "getting help" for his earlier behaviors. He claimed a history of some mental illness - although he would not reveal which condition he suffered. He admitted sometimes being on medication and having seen therapists in the past. He also admitted his behaviors were out of control and "scary." He blamed work stress and a "new boss that doesn't have as much experience" as Fed. His goal was to make CKT feel safe around him again and to convince her he had changed through therapy, stress reduction and other means.

  • July 2013

    Fed Starts "Fixing"

    Fed Starts "Fixing" | C.Kimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

    Upon her arrival in Texas, Fed immediately launched a three-month campaign to convince her he was "sorry" and safe to be around. He started sending flowers and gifts, including the first of the blue Tiffany boxes he relied on to lure women back into his grasp.

    The necklace contained in this box later became a tool for him to simulate strangulation of CKT (in October 2013 - after the first rape).Fed Starts "Fixing" | Photo Copyright CKimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

    Fed Starts "Fixing" | Photo Copyright CKimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

    Fed Starts "Fixing" | C.Kimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

  • July 2013

    CKT Starts a New Job

    CKT started a new corporate job within a few weeks of her arrival in Texas. She accepted the role knowing it would take her back to Wisconsin, her work territory. But she also thought the extensive travel of the position would keep her out of Fed's interest. She was wrong. Within her first day of work, he called her boss' office five times in a span of 30 minutes, screaming at her on the phone during an orientation meeting.

    Corporate HQ of CKT's New Job | Escaping Fed | C.Kimberly Toms

  • Jul 1 to Aug 31, 2013

    Fed Pleas to "Make It Right"

    Knowing CKT was moving back to the Upper Midwest for her new work territory, Fed begged to "make things right." He told her he would help her find a new home, since she knew nothing of Milwaukee neighborhoods or real estate. CKT decided to trust him from 1200 miles away, but to make it clear they were not ever going to be "romantically connected" because of past problems.

  • Aug 31, 2013

    Fed Birthday Party from Hell

    Fed forces CKT to attend an all-Fed agent birthday party. Truly the oddest "social" experience of her life. He drove her across state lines from Oconomowoc, WI to DesPlaines, IL without her consent.

    [Note: Fed is actually 5'11". CKT is only 5'2", not 5'4". At the time of this interview, she is as yet unaware of her reduced height due to a compression fracture of her spine.]

  • Aug 31, 2013

    Fed Rapes CKT

    After luring her to his home for the first time in four months and under the promise of seeing rental properties for which he had arranged tours, Fed brutally rapes CKT.

    The rape is explored in the film Escaping Fed.

  • Sep 1, 2013

    Fed Extorts Money from CKT

    Fed extorted the daily ATM limit from CKT's bank account by force.

  • Sep 2, 2013

    Fed Forces a Meeting with an ICE Agent

    Fed alerted ICE about CKT's new work role and how she could be used to help them bring in illegal immigrants. He forced a meeting with the ICE agent -- 36 hours after her first rape and while she was still under his physical control. The meeting (staged to seem like a "regular motorcycle ride") took place in a diner near a national forest and continued for several hours at a couple of locations.

    On this motorcycle ride, CKT caught a glimpse of another female's belongings in his motorcycle "trunk," confirming to her other women were suffering at his hands. She had known this before, but the flashes of a pink cap, an item of jewelry and other objects in the case lit a fire in her to get help for all.

    ICE Agent Business Card | C.Kimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

  • Sep 2, 2013

    Fed Extorts Money from CKT

    Fed extorted the daily ATM limit from CKT's bank account by force after meeting with the ICE agent.

  • Sep 3, 2013

    CKT Attempts First Rape Report

    The week following her rape was the first time CKT was out of Fed's physical control - and her first attempt to get help from police. That attempt failed and set the tone for a series of ongoing police refusals to help her.

  • Sep 8, 2013

    Fed Extorts Money from CKT

    Fed extorted the daily ATM limit from CKT's bank account by force.

  • Late Sep 2013

    CKT Starts Planning to Flee Again

    Because of Fed's drain on her finances and the costs of quitting jobs and fleeing where she had no personal ties, CKT had to work for several months before fleeing. But she set her financial plans in motion and aimed for May 2014.

    Meanwhile, she rented a home in Random Lake, WI, 65 miles away from Fed's own house. She believed the 65 mile separation would keep him away. She was wrong.

  • Sep 2013 to Apr 2014

    3 More Police Report Attempts Fail

    CKT continued trying to get police help for the ongoing stalking, terror and rape. They rejected her each time upon first mention of "special agent."

    These rejections occurred in South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa. Sadly, CKT had forgotten about the original 9-1-1 call and did not think to go to Illinois to talk to the Schaumburg police.

  • January 2014

    Second Rape

    Blizzard at CKT's House | C.Kimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

    The second rape [Fed is alleged to rape all of his victims twice over a span of time] took place at CKT's own home, in a blizzard through which Fed drove 1.5 hours each way to "show you how angry I am."

    CKT thwarted his plans to make this one violent by "playing along" and even teasing him about how much "you really enjoy raping women, don't you?"

    This rape is not charged and is explored in the film Escaping Fed.

  • Apr 20, 2013

    Fed Forces a Sex Trafficking Scene

    For about a week, Fed demanded CKT attend an upcoming Easter Sunday dinner at his mother's house. In a brave moment, she refused. He continued demanding she attend, adding his typical threats and tone. She continued to refuse.

    On Easter Sunday, as time grew near for the dinner Fed was expecting her to show up for, CKT started getting nervous. She knew she was leaving the state soon and wanted Fed's terroristic reign to stop as she left Wisconsin in her rear view mirror.

    CKT caved in and went to Fed's mother's house, bearing a pricey gift of art supplies that Fed claimed his mother wanted.

    Fed Stages a Sex Trafficking Scene | Photo Copyright CKimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

    Fed was IRATE that she had not come for the whole meal and further so by her courteous rejection of reheated food.

    Fed Forces a Sex Trafficking Scene | Photo Copyright CKimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

    Some of the perfumes Fed gifted another victim.

    CKT did ask Mother about "the perfumes Fed brought to you, from my house." Mother stared blankly, confirming that Fed had taken the perfumes for other victims, not Mother, as he claimed.

    CKT already knew this circle of regifting and lies existed, as he had given her an odd gift of Russian nesting dolls that made no sense in terms of context in CKT's life. She could tell it was some other female's gift to him regifted to her in his attempts to bribe more silence, his typical M.O. She returned the "gift" to him.

    Fed Forces a Sex Trafficking Scene | Photo Copyright CKimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

    CKT attempted to leave after saying goodbye to Mother and telling her that CKT was moving out of state "for good." Fed grew more irate. He followed her out the door, as she attempted to go to her own car. Fed then forced CKT into his car for a "conversation." He put the key in the ignition and drove in circles around his neighborhood and elsewhere while screaming expletives and threats for 20 minutes or so.

    Fed was demanding to know why she felt she could "leave the state." He was also re-asserting his favorite threats of, "Do you know who I am? I am a supervisory special agent with the U.S. Department of State. The whole U.S. is MY jurisdiction!"

    The route took Fed and CKT into what he was describing as the "most dangerous street in Milwaukee." There, the self-proclaimed "sex trafficking specialist" claimed shootings take place constantly and prostitution rules the streets.

    Fed started getting violent in the car. He was seeing how far he could push, before CKT would fight back - an obvious public in-road to assault on a law enforcement officer. Other people were staring and looking concerned as the situation inside the Mercedes convertible grew more intense.

    Fed Forces a Sex Trafficking Scene | Photo Copyright CKimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

    K's fingernail bent backwards.

    At a stoplight and fearing for her life, CKT jumped out of the Mercedes and into two or three lanes of traffic. Fed screamed more, cursing and asserting threats. Then he sped off, purposefully leaving her alone on the street corner he claimed "most prolific."

    CKT only had her cell phone and keys. She had left her purse in her locked car at Mother's house, as Fed pulled her away to "talk" in the driveway. Stranded, she called every taxi company she could find a number for, as she stood on the corner across from a window-barred bar with people raucously coming and going.

    Every taxi company refused her location, so she started walking. CKT was wearing a dress and high heels, walking a route designed by Siri to get her back toward Mother's neighborhood. Fed lurked, circling every five minutes or so. She felt he was "getting off" on the scene, like he enjoys using other trafficking tactics for terror.

    CKT walked until she desperately flagged a passing cab on the edge of the neighborhood.

  • Eve of Apr 24
    to past midnight
    Apr 25, 2014

    Fed Sets Up CKT for Her Own Murder

    Fed attempts to set CKT up for her own death by shooting. He failed. His "special agent skills" seem ineffective, at best.

    The attempted murder is explored in the film Escaping Fed.

  • Jun 1, 2014

    CKT Flees Again

    CKT Flees Fed Again | C.Kimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

    CKT fled to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Fed continued tracking and stalking her. Within one month of her safe arrival, he was texting and calling again - with thinly veiled threats and attempts to lure her out of hiding and into his view.

    CKT's hiding and Fed's hunting are explored in the film Escaping Fed.

    CKT Flees Fed Again | C.Kimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

  • Last week of Oct 2014

    CKT Attempts Last Police Report

    NOTE: NSFW after 6:15 | Gets Explicit

    CKT goes to the Chesapeake, VA police precinct office to report the continued terror and stalking, along with the past rapes and attempted murder.

    She was turned away when they heard it was a "fed." Even worse, she was told by two male officers to "get therapy" to fix her "rapist problems."

  • Nov 14, 2014

    CKT Goes to Washington, DC

    CKT Drives to DC in November 2014 to Report Fed to the State Department | C.Kimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

    CKT goes to the US Department of State to report Fed. She goes alone, believing she will be arrested on trumped up charges brought by their "supervisory special agent."

    An investigation officially begins under a "Joint Task Force" involving "multiple agencies and multiple jurisdictions."

    CKT Drives to DC in November 2014 to Report Fed to the State Department | C.Kimberly Toms | Escaping Fed

  • Mar 27, 2015

    CKT Attempts "Action" In Waukesha County Courts

    CKT made an attempt to make the Waukesha County Courts "pay attention." Inept police, small town, terrible approach to investigations...and an ADA who first said, "The Slenderman case is taking up all of our time," then claimed, "Have you heard anything about the shaken baby case? The shaken baby case is our priority now."

    CKT eventually said, "No way in hell." Case didn't go to charges and whether the State Department held enough evidence to prosecute is left unsaid. The wait paid off, as the 2018 case has excellent investigators in qualified police departments and true merit through a better process, all around. Sometimes rushing justice is not a good idea.

  • Apr 10, 2015

    Fed Loses Badge and Gun

    Fed is suspended from the U.S. Department of State. Although not fired, he must turn in his badge and SIG Sauer service weapon, as well as his Agency-owned vehicle (at this time a black Ford Explorer, previously a black Nissan Pathfinder). He is escorted by other agents out of the building and returned from Illinois to his home in Wisconsin. 

    He is "watched" by the Joint Task Force agencies from this time forward. The date is approximate, as the State Department has a tendency to "shroud" all of the truths and facts in the matter.

    DSS Badge | Escaping Fed |

  • Jan 30, 2016

    Fed Stalks In Person

    Fed "showed up" at CKT's Virginia mailing address and grocery store, where they "encountered" each other. This address was 1300 miles from his own home and three hours' drive from Washington, DC.

    He was too creepy and chickens*** to do anything to her in person, just glaring and walking around her twice.

  • Late Aug 2016

    Fed Executes a Car Chase

    Fed and an unknown "special agent type" buddy used two black-on-black vehicles to stalk CKT in her tiny NC town of only a few thousand people. Fed was geotracking her, as they found her at a local store. They used a typical police-style blocking method, boxing her in and keeping the slow speed chase going for 13 miles of straight highway. The driver in the second vehicle continued the chase to CKT's hardware store, where he watched her buy a wrench.

    That second vehicle was a black-on-black four door Cadillac sedan with bubblegum pink vinyl lettering scrawled across the top of the windshield. Virginia license plates.

    Fed drove a Wisconsin plated Jeep Patriot. It was four door, black with black tinted windows.

  • Jan 2017

    CKT Decides to Make the Film

    CKT decides the only way anyone will know of Fed's crimes - should he successfully make her "disappear" as promised - is through a film. Clearly he was not under pressure to stop his insane actions.

    She knows no one and has no budget. But she is determined to document this farce, to ensure the federal government is held accountable, should anything happen to her. She was coming out from under the State Department's heavy, dusty rug.

  • Mid-Oct 2017

    Film Production Begins

    Acted scenes are shot in mid-October 2017.

  • Oct 20, 2017

    Fed Rapes A New Victim

    A new victim is raped.

  • Oct 22, 2017

    Fed Rapes the Last Victim Again

    Another new rape occurs, the second for the victim of October 20, 2017.

  • Nov 11, 2017

    Film Production Ends

    CKT shoots her part of the film Escaping Fed, her "talking head" parts, after being contacted by state investigators only two days prior.

  • Mar 30, 2018

    Fed Is Charged

    Fed is charged in criminal court of Waukesha County, WI. His charges total a potential 190 years behind bars on up to five counts. 

  • Early Dec 2018

    USDOS Confirms Fed Is Fired

    The US Department of State finally confirms firing of "Supervisory Special Agent Fed" and permanent removal of his badge. He is no longer a law enforcement officer - four full years after CKT reported his crimes in Washington, DC.

    Fed is provided with "disability" pay. He now paints houses and collects "unemployment" or other "disability" from US taxpayers.

  • Mar 1, 2019

    New Victim?

    Another self-purported victim to Fed contacts CKT over social media. She claims Fed has committed acts of violence and terroristic threats against her while wearing the GPS tracking device for trial. 

    CKT referred her to police in Waukesha County, WI.

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