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ESCAPING FED | Share | EscapingFed.comWe are inviting friends, followers and family to watch ESCAPING FED!

To watch ESCAPING FED online as part of our limited private screening, simply purchase your ticket here and we will provide a viewing passcode.

You can view the film online or on your smartphone, smart TV, tablet or other internet-enabled device. This private screening film version is lightweight for “small screens,” such as on your handheld devices, standard def televisions or other 720p viewing environment. It is fully viewable on higher definition screens, but does not provide the visual sharpness of the widely available version provided through Amazon, iTunes and other providers in the future.

How to Watch ESCAPING FED Film Screenings

Steps to watch ESCAPING FED:

  1. Add your screening ticket to your cart (and check out our gorgeous film related art prints, too!)
  2. Go to your shopping cart after you have completed your product selections
  3. Follow the easy steps for checkout using a credit card or debit card account
  4. Await receipt of your movie “ticket,” via an email showing the viewing link and password (usually within one hour)
  5. Watch the film
    • During your chosen time frame, simply click the email link for Vimeo (our screening platform) or cut and paste it into your browser
    • Enter your password from the movie ticket
    • Watch the film all at once or return for completion before the viewing deadline on your ticket

If you experience ANY problems or have questions, simply contact using the email account on your receipt.


*The producers reserve the right to screen viewers and refuse ticketing for select individuals. In these circumstances, we immediately reverse the transaction to fully credit/refund your method of payment. 

The state of WISCONSIN is blacked out for these viewings. If you live in Wisconsin and want to see the film, we must verify your geographic location before permitting you to do so. If you are comfortable with that verification and are not part of the trial, email us at 

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